f-o-a-t-h inquired Your photos are rad dude

thanks bro! yew

Anonymous inquired What camera and lens was used for that amazing photo??

if your talking about my latest photo, I took it with a Canon 7D and 24-105mm f4 Lens :)

follow your instincts, they will lead the way

Anonymous inquired how do you use it without batteries can you explain?

old film cameras don’t run on batteries unlike digital. so you can use it whenever you want for however long you want.. which is cool. It is optional to put a battery in the camera but all that does is power the light meter. the light meter tells you how light or dark the photo is :)

Anonymous inquired how much to get a film developed?

used to be like $4 from big w but now modern technology is taking over film is going out of business and the price has risen to $15 :(

35mm Film

My bedroom window in France.

infinite-habits inquired Hi!I don't have a question to ask you but I love your page! It's really artistic and actually quite inspirational:) respond if you can:) ~Ritu

Thankyou! much appreciated