Shipwrecks, Nusa Lembongan.

New friend.

I have instagram aswell, feel free to check it out to keep updated with the Bali trip I’m currently on :) yew


The start of our bali adventure.. more to come! 


Movement At Dusk.

Colour + Movement

Good Morning :)

noahmayesphotography inquired Bro! under the sun was so sick!

Thanks Noah.. Your photos are looking sick man keep up the good work

Check it out, New surf clip


featuring dozens of local surfers and groms having some fun in the sun




As some of you may not know, I am also available on other networks. Would be great to see you all over there aswell. Vimeo has nothing on it as of now but will have a movie uploaded there soon, so follow my Vimeo to watch that. Facebook and Instagram feature some behind the scene things that are not posted on tumblr so follow/Like those to stay updated with those :)



Live The Search I guess..

A few days ago my gopro flooded at Breakwall. Very frustrating as Im going to Bali for 2 weeks very soon and now won’t have it for then. Now its just a matter of getting GoPro to send me a new one as it is under warranty and only 3 months old. But as of yet they’ve been pretty slack with communication. Heavy Days! :(