Honestly, I think this moment has changed they way I think about my life completely. To see kids, laughing, having the time of there lives in this dump they live in was just an amazing experience.

phamthihanvi inquired Cool!!! I'm very happy to hear you're going to Vietnam. (I'm Vietnamese and I love your photographs) Welcome then! :)

Thankyou! I have just had a motorbike photography tour around the less touristy part of Ho Chi Minh City, what an amazing country this is!

Well, I had an amazing time in Europe, unfortunately it has come to the end. Next stop, Vietnam for a couple of days then back home to Australia.

enaeeeco inquired Your work is AMAZING! I had a really great time watching it, you do have a really great camera and a great i'm gonna say soul or state of mind, because i don't have any other words coming to my mind right now, to capture these beautiful moments. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

Thankyou very much :)

I love these colours

Bretagne, France

La Porte Bleu

Amiens, France

Normandy, North-West of France

during my time in Holland, I met a very talented young girl singer/songwriter by the name of Charley Marie. My cousin, Charley and I worked together to create a music video. It was something a little different to what I normally film/photograph, but I was keen to try something different. Anyway, here it is.. enjoy.

Today is my last day in Holland/Netherlands. Huge thank you to all those who have made my 2 week stay well worth it, I won’t forget any of you. 
Next adventure begins in France, stay tuned 

One of the many things Holland has to offer.

I got lost in Amsterdam today.

Utrecht, The Netherlands.

The small town of Wageningen, Netherlands. A beautiful place in Europe, where everyone gets around on bikes and always a friendly atmosphere. there are many good vibes within this town.